I am so new to blogging that I didn’t even realise that simply creating a name and a tag for a blog would not make it immediately discoverable. So it will be some time before this space develops any observable bells and whistles and  I thank you in anticipation for your patience.  I will prioritise figuring out key visuals at least.  But having dillied and dallied I decided it is probably best to procrastinate no more and work it out on the job.  And here we are.

So what is Flexi-lingual for?

For a start, although I have administrative ownership of the blog and an explicit voice/positionality (which I will signpost clearly when that is what you are reading), I want to cultivate a curatorial, collegiate space.

When I know how to make links, I will include them. In a hub like way, though with no implied connotations that this space is central or more important than the work it connects to. That way lies ta solipsistic road to hell, albeit paved with good intentions.

Once I have got this tottering infant enterprise taking some baby steps forward, I will capture other news, voices, experiences, ideas, resources in the posts on here  … in any form that my colleagues prefer. I know a lot of people who know a lot about language who do not blog or tweet. I want to share their treasures more widely with those that do.

And why ‘Flexi-lingual’ ?

We deploy so many labels to box in the processes and practices of language learning.  Literacy, EAL, ESL, ESOL, MFL ….

The ‘we’ deploying these labels is itself a shifting pronoun according to identity and context of user … and our identities as language learners are not fixed even at any one moment in our lives, never mind as we move through time and across locations.

But despite all the complexities, teachers and students, young and old, have to make practical decisions about the how and the what of language learning as well as the why.

So Flexi-lingual aims to explore all that.

First stop will be EAL.  That’s the territory I am working in at the moment so it’s a secure foothold to get me started.

Why is EAL in England like a Polo Mint? Watch this space …


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